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For Sale:
Mallard Ducklings - free!!!

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

Hi, I am incubating 3 mallard eggs currently but I only need one. This means I will either have 2 or 1 ducklings for sale and they will be $10 per duckling. They will be hatching around 11/20/15

Since I literally don't want to count my ducks before they hatch, these are NOT GUARANTEED TO HATCH. Please know that if you want these, I cannot tell you 100% that I will have them. This means either 2, 1, or no ducklings could be for sale.

These will be straight run.

They will be for PETS ONLY, NOT FOR MEAT!!!!!!

Please note that with winter approaching, you will need to keep the ducklings inside for a few months with adequate heating. I would prefer to sell to a buyer who already has a flock, but again, these are not for slaughtering.

Please text me at 630-360-2712


I am located in Naperville, Illinois