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Aureomycin by Zoetis Co.

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I am hoping someone can help me find a feed store that mixes aureomycin by Zoetis Co into their feed. My avian vet has found a possible cure for my two BO hens who have had severe diarrhea since June. They are perfectly healthy other than dehydration from the diarrhea and, of course, weight  loss.  Zoetis aureomycin has a specific formula that they say will cure e-coli which is the only thing that came back a tad high in all the tests my vet performed. I would really appreciate it if anyone reading this post would ask their feed store if they mix this specific brand of aureomycin into their feed the next time you go in. It is only sold in 50 lb bags so, unless there is a demand, distributors don't want to buy it. I'm hoping that, if such a feed store is found, they would be willing to ship some to me. I don't think I would need any more than 20 lbs of feed. I am told that I can feed this to my six hens for five days and there is no egg withdrawal time. I would appreciate a phone number so I could contact them. I really, really appreciate any help you can give me.  Thanking you in advance. 


ps - I have tried another brand of aureomycin - it didn't help.

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I don't have a reliable food mill in my area, I usually just buy commercial products. Looks like you may have to order your specialty additive online or maybe your vet can help you source this. Hope this helps.


Just a quick Google search results :

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I feel so dumb!  Besides my vet (Zoetis wouldn't sell to her)  three feed stores have been trying to locate this product and all that could be found was to buy the aureomycin directly from Zoetis in a 50 lb bag. Nobody thought to look for medicated feed. :he   I am placing the order right now. Thank you!!!!!

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No problem!

Hope this helps your girls.

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