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Incubating shipped eggs

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Trying Hatchright spray, claims to strengthen the veins & embryo-stronger chicks.  I'll be using the Farm Innovator incubator and automatic turner.  I also got their chicken heating mat - 60w for the brooder, so I can turn the light off at night.  I've let the chicken eggs settle for a day and a half and putting them in today.

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I'd leave turner off for one day too go ahead set them in..
I got advice on this from another bycer.. she recommended 12 hrs then set them in ..and leave turner off for 2 days... but since you waited a day and half.. I'd just leave turner off for a day.. check out incubate shipped eggs in the learning center.. all kinds of info.. some varied
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In the incubator, thanks. Wish I found this website sooner. Hatching out a few eggs that were shipped. Weren't packaged well. 7 eggs were not cracked. But I put them in right away. They weren't labeled do not x-ray, live embryos, arrows pointing up. Uhg! This set of shipped eggs, I'm using Backyard Chicken learning/forums experience & advice to help us along. Update: three chicks hatched with lots of help-thank you everybody! jumpy.gif
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This set I got from a certified breeder, parents tested. So I know I have healthy chick's - thank you for the advice. I also learned not to candle day @11-14. So I'll wait til lock down day to check for quitters.
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Got a few polish chicken eggs from a reputable breeder, added them to the incubator. Hoping to hatch my hen a good mate. My husband thinks I'm crazy for trying this in November in Michigan. But I have a lonely polish hen, stays to herself. I gave her brothers to a breeder, they were absolutely beautiful. Need a roo for her.
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Have a Farm Innovator incubator, trying to keep the humidity @50-53% temp @100 deg.  Candled them while they were sitting in the automatic turner the other morning.  Sure hoping for a good hatch! 

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 Found that 40% humidity is ok - thankfully, can't seem to get the humidity up to 52%.​

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Well I'm getting ready to put them in lockdown, candled the Barbezieux eggs - three clears, one started oozing @ day 14 and one looks like it quit @ day 10. 

Very sad, sent a message to the breeder @ Barbezieux.  Maybe they'll send me a couple more.  Maybe. Sure hope so.  Might order an RCOM incubator with temp & humidity control.

I was ready to order a Brinsea incubator on ebay, but it sounds like I'd be lucky to see it by the end of December.  That's a lot of money to spend and sit and wait a month? 

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Ordered a R-Com Max20 incubator, they will ship priority!  Should have it by Saturday! 

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They're starting to hatch! I put the lowest point of the air cell up. These eggs were shipped and some are saddle shaped. And this one was just lop sided. I did let them sit before incubating them to try and let the air cells stabilize after the transit.
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