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One of my polish eggs internally pip'd. They were shipped from Arizona, they must have started developing enroute. Putting it in with the Brahma eggs to hatch. Day 17. Setting it upright in a cutdown cardboard egg carton.
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I'd leave turner off for one day too go ahead set them in..
I got advice on this from another bycer.. she recommended 12 hrs then set them in ..and leave turner off for 2 days... but since you waited a day and half.. I'd just leave turner off for a day.. check out incubate shipped eggs in the learning center.. all kinds of info.. some varied

I've been incubating shipped eggs for a few months and average 2-4 chicks per dozen. I let them set for 24 hours before putting them in the bator but recently heard about not turning them for 2 days in the incubator. May I ask why this is beneficial? Could I be damaging the eggs by having the turner on right away?

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Number five chick beginning to make its entrance!
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My polish egg just pip'd!
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Four days early, I think these eggs started enroute in Arizona. Maybe I should put the rest of them in lockdown?
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Someone on this website said it helps the air cells stabilize.  I did let them sit before putting them in the incubator.  My brahma eggs were shipped picture perfect.  They wrapped each egg in a piece of pretty paper napkin laid horizontally in a nest like material.  I have one more hatching now and one more still in the egg - my polish eggs have me baffled.  They were packaged in a cardboard egg carton with crumpled up newspapers, etc. to keep the egg carton from moving around in a usps box.  I had one set of eggs that were individually bubble wrapped and taped extremely well - they didn't develop - I'm wondering if the cells in the egg suffocated?  Wondering if that's possible?

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Well the last three Brahma eggs didn't make it. It wasn't a pip. It died, it was a crack. Ugh,sad. 50% hatch. 6 out of 12. Well the polish egg is almost hatched. 1/2 out of the egg. Membrane around the zip turned brown. Had to wet down & pull the membrane off his beak, it was dried up. How I went from 65% to below 40% humidity in Michigan is beyond me. He's chirping, hope its OK.
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Eggtopsy showed they quit. One wasn't fully developed. They didn't have feathers.
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My polish is hatching, set it on a paper towel. The inner membrane started hardening on his wing, had to wet it down. Its beautiful! White feathers on black on its head. Wanting a rooster!
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