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Sick Chickens

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Hi! I have a couple of sick chickens one looks like she could possibly be egg bound. The other keeps sneezing and making the face before she sneezes and these aren't just any kind of sneezes their aggressive like its hurting her. We recently just got a new rooster and when we got he was in a coop with all roosters could he have possibly gave them a disease? We have had a couple of egg bound chickens sadly only one we have nursed back to health and is doing great to this day. One thing that makes me worried is the one who could be egg bound sounds like she is breathing through a snotty nose. I really need someone's help before its to late thanks :)  Update: One of them has runny and yellow poop we put antibiotics in their water and it helped a little bit they look a bit more alive but still feeling bad Please help :( 

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This might help! And there is definitely a chance that your new rooster has a disease. Quarantine him until you are positive he's healthy.
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