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My Hens have stopped laying eggs

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My two hens have stopped laying eggs in june and haven't really done anything since then. I found some lashed eggs two to 3 weeks ago. Channel one of my hen is molting again, and my black Sex Link Cabana is gainning weight but no egg laying. Don't know what to do... help! And my oldest Hen died last week after being sick, Dolce had this thing where she would sneeze but she never looked sick, so I though she might of had a malformation in her breathing ducts.. she would be sneezing and laying eggs everyday, until last June. And suddently about a month and a half ago her croop folded down  her beak starting growing really long on both top and bottom, her skin around her eyes was pale and I notice right before she died that when she sneeze foam would show up in both eyes. She was on antibiotics, well all of them were... since I put it in the water... I need to understand what's going on. Anyone as a clue?

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Foam around the eyes is an ominous sign. Check them for bad breath, could be Coryza. Regardless, it sounds like your birds are no longer productive, and so you basically need new birds.

I'd deflock and sanitize first and wait a couple months before introducing new birds to that coop to ensure any disease is gone from the area.
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Thank you for the information Toddrick, I am new at this and learning. The hen has been dead for a week now, the other hens don't show any signs of sickness. How long should I wait before sanitizing, do you sanitize with lye and water mix? As deflocking, they are like pets they keep the bugs out of the house. Would there be a period of time I need to wait if I am not willing to kill my 2 birds? Thank you for you help!!  

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Even if they have Coryza or MG you can keep them as pets, but you should not let them free range and maintain strict quarantine (don't introduce new birds). Maybe they aren't infected, and if they have no symptoms in a couple months you can end the quarantine. But I'd still be concerned as to why they aren't laying anymore (most people will cull their flock for this reason alone).

Keep us updated as you learn more information or have other questions. Others may have better advice than mine.
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Thank you Todd!! I really appreciate your advices!! I will we are going on 3 weeks since the death and the Hen did stink she had bad breath... some I am somewhat confident that you were right on with the disease.

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