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Food in Chicken Coop

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My chicken coop is a 16' x 16' building. I don't have a covered structure for their food. Is it ok to have their food where they nest and lay?

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Yes I keep food and water inside.. summer time I water outside
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Yes. Be aware that it will attract mice/rats, they can sometimes be a problem for the birds plus they attract snakes.


Heck here the snakes are always trying to get into the coop regardless of the mice or rats.  When you have chicks or small bantams you do have to be extra careful about them though.

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We have found a dark grey fungal looking growth at the base of the feathers near the vent area. It almost has the feel of a cattail reed. As the growth gets larger it moves slightly from the base of the feathers, where as the new growth is right near the skin.  Also some of her skin looks like once you have had a blister and the skin is now coming off, somewhat shriveled looking.  Help!

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To me it looks like chicken mite eggs. I know the color is different but the symptoms are the same.

I would treat the chickens and the coop. It wont hurt them even if it is something different. Just something the wild birds bring in regularly during migration.

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Thank you so much. I was able to find some pictures that matched what is on our chickens and they are lice.  I also saw a bunch of tiny little blond looking bus which do look like lice. Thanks for your input.

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It is a bummer but luckily it is easily treated.

I had mites on mine a couple years ago and treated with sevin dust. Killed on contact so I was pleased and so were the hens.

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