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I have a hen who has bummblefoot. Large on one foot, small on the other. The large one is the size of a pencil eraser. The small on is half the size. No swelling. I soaked her feet in Epsom salt water, peeled the large scab off. Dug around, couldn't find this plug people say there is. I put neosporen on it, wrapped it. She is separated into a dog kennel. This was 2 days ago. Today I re soaked her feet, and peeled the scab off again, dug and squeezed, nothing really. It just looks like blood and tissue. I feel like I'm not seeing anything. The other foot I just put neosporen on it and wrapped it. Checked it today, looks the same. I'm feeling like a failure. I can't figure this out. I can't keep digging around in her foot, and I'm not using a scalpel and cutting her foot up. And I can not take her to the vet. I have no money, and my husband won't let me. Any one got any other suggestions? Please.
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It sounds like you are on the right track and doing fine.
I'm sure you have already researched, but here are a couple of links for you.

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Can you post a pic?
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I already have it wrapped. But, it looks like a scab. I can post a pick of the small one tomorow. It late now. They're sleeping.
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Well, I soaked her foot again, dug a little, still don't see anything real obvious. So, I put neosporen on it, wrapped it and left it for two days. Just soaked it again, saw a little bit of what looked like pus. I'm gonna try a drawing agent. It's called Prids. See if that draws it to the surface. Her foot feels squishy, no swelling, no hard bumps. The area around the scab is hard, but the actual foot is soft. I put the drawing agent on the other foot that has a tiny scab on it. I guess I'll see tomorow what it looks like.
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