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Black marks on hen wattle and comb

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I have loaded picture and description below.
I am new to this and hopefully it is making sense.hmm.png
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Hi welcome-byc.gif

I'm afraid your pic has not posted it looks just like a link and clicking on it does not show it. Could you repost your pic?
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I am a first time poster on here and I am not sure I am doing things right.

I have 10 hens and noticed over the last few days 3 of my hens have started to develop black marks on their wattles and combs. They look like sores, but they don't seem to bleed and when washed, they do not wash off as a scab would. They are not containing puss and don't look infected.

Can anyone offer help and advice?




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If you right click and click open link in new tab it pulled the pic up for me. Not sure what the black spots are. My cockerel has 2 on his left wattle (they are completely flat), none elsewhere though. I assumed it was dirt.

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I can't load the pic, either.  

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Thanks for your help with seeing the pictures. Is there a better way to do it, so everyone can see them?

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Got them.


 It looks like a mild case of pox.  They should recover with no adverse effects.  They will acquire a partial immunity to it from this point forward, meaning they will never get as bad as they are now should they get it in the future.  Dry pox is aesthetically displeasing, but not a big deal.  Wet pox is where you have to worry.

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My roosters get the same thing if they get into a fight and pick at each other's comb. If my roosters trys to mount my hens and accidentally grabs there comb they will get black spots. But it usually will go away in a week or two nothing to worry about.
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Can anyone identify this to help me, please?
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Originally Posted by 3mphval View Post

Can anyone identify this to help me, please?

Hi welcome-byc.gif

It could be the start of fowl pox or could be a touch of frostbite. Have you had below freezing temps of late?
Here is an article on frostbite if it is that ~
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