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Annoying hens lol

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Ok so my husband finished the new addition to the coop finally. They now have a roosting area and the first night was advent full. They fought and one girl got her comb damaged enough to bleed a bit so we fixed her up. The second night no one was on the roosts. I have one hen Adella one of my two delewares who is majorlly attachted to me she now has taken up staying out past sun down (not roosting but hunting for bugs and what not) and wont go in the coop unless i go out side and pet her and tell her good night 😳 funny but with a toddler and a baby on the way not such great timing. Our two month old hens wont even go in the coop to sleep and they are skittish so i have to catch them and put them in. With six of them i may only catch two or three at a time to get them in the coop and it takes multible trips outside to get them so they settle down enough for me to catch them. I think those six annoy me the most since the sleep on my back steps which was my favorite spot to sit in the mornings to watch my hens. I am hoping after a few nights of catching them and putting them in the coop with the rest of the flock they will start going in by them selfs. I have 22 hens and only Adella wants a goodnight hug lol and these six want to sleep outside (have a fence off back yard they stay in not exactly the best place to sleep at night) and before the new addition they liked sleep outside to so hopefully they get the point now. I wish there was a easier way to retrain them i cant lock the all the hens in and i cant lock these guys soley in the coop so pretty much my only option. (Oh and my husband cant most night because he works at night)
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You're working too hard. They need some light to see their way into the coop then grab some meal worms or other yummy treat and lure them in. Pretty typical behavior for 2 month old chicks. They'll get with the program in a few days.
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I have had to change 6 of my hens sleeping arrangements to accomodate my new chicks. This is only night two but they settle down once I get them in there. I am hoping that after a couple more nights they will start going in themselves.
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Yah i can understand that. I wish i could brib them with treats the others will run out if they see treats i dont think they care that i am trying to get the other six in lol. Expecially Adella she will run out of a nesting box if i am handing out treats and she trying to lay an egg once the treats are gone she makes a mad dash for the nesting boxes.
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I wait for them to roost and start to nod off. They are mmuch easier to move then since they are in a haze.
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The little ones are odd i go out when everyone else is asleep and had been for ocer a hour and they still get up and run i might get three at a time most often its two or one so i dont know i try to wait. I just might move slower the normal which i know i do but i didny think it was that slow
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My new ones are hyperactive and not trusting of anyone. We handle them daily to try and remedy that. My others are Buff Orpingtons and Australorps who are much more laid back and you can handle them very easily. Patience is definitely a
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Lol most of ours i can handle these want nothing to do with me yet i think its partly their age our leghorns use to be like that now i can hold them and same with our delewares lol one is my lap chicken (adella) she slightly bossy lol she demands to be held and she wants to be a house chicken but thats not happening. My daughter and i were coming in the back door and there was Adella jumping up the steps with us and walks into the laundry room as if she belongs there lol.
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Adella my favorite honestly she so freaking funny i had just finished mowing (riding mower i am pregnant and not allowed to push mow) and i was just sitting on it with it off talking to my husband as he worked on the coop and adella wanted attention my husband walks over picks her up for me and puts her in my lap she stayed there and got petted for over ten minutes she a funny thing.
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I left the big door to the coop open hoping that would help them get in /they would go in nope i had to herd them/catch them to get them in again brats lol i really hope when they older this will be just a memory!!
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