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Chicken with a green leg

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One of our 2 month old chicks has 1 green leg. It is slightly warmer than the other leg with maybe a sore on the back of the leg joint. Washed it with an iodine and water solution from a tip I found on this site.....any ideation? Didn't see anything else wrong with the leg under the feathers....
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Do you have any pictures?

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Welcome to BYC. Pictures really help, and since you are new, you may need to post a couple of more times to add pictures. Green skin sometimes is from bruising in chickens, so she could have injured the leg. Here is an example or two of a bruise: 



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That looks scary! Poor chook...I hope you find out what's going on with her:)
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I can't get my pic to load (way out here in the boonies) but I wondered if it was bruised. She isn't favoring the leg. I should be able to get pics up tomorrow
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So an update - our chicken still has a green leg...nothing seems wrong with her, it doesn't bother her, she walks fine, no issues...just the top part of one of her legs is green. So, guess it is just coloring...

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