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What now?

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My hen was sitting in about a dozen eggs. Three hatched and babies are doing fine but there are still a bunch of eggs left. I put them down by her and the chicks but she doesn't seem interested in sitting on them anymore? How do I know if there are more babies in those eggs? What do I do with them? I don't want them to die. Should I out a heat lamp in another pen?
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When the hen thinks hatch is complete and she has new chicks those chicks become her priority and she will leave the nest to care for and show them how to feed and drink. If any other eggs were added to the nest after she first started to sit they would not be as developed as the original eggs so she would abandon them. You could candle the remaining to eggs to check for movement and how far along they could be. Here is a link to candling pics ~

If you have any movement or they are viable you could try with a lamp to keep them warm, an incubator would be better though. People have had success with a lamp and had chicks hatch.

Good luck fl.gif
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Thank you I did candle them and they are developed but I can't see movement I think it's been too long it's been 49-60 degrees at night here. She has neglected them at least a week now. So should I still out them under a light to try?
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If it were me and after a week of not being sat on or in an incubator they will have died in the shell I'm afraid so I would toss them.
Chicks/embryos can survive short periods of temperature drops ie when the hen gets off the nest to feed, drink and poop each day but not for a prolonged period like a week.

Enjoy your new chicks that your hen has hatched jumpy.gif
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Awww sad... I'll keep them under a light for a little while... But I think she got up too early for them. Thank you for your help!
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