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:idunno I think I need to start a new "thread" with this Q. If I can sanitize the elect. elements inside my FI 3200 bater with spraying 90% alcohol and letting drying 100%. Why can't I do the same to the whole thing? 

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No need to start a new thread - its fine - just that the person responding to your questions is off-line - others who may be able to help you out may not be online right now. Just be a little patient - I'm sure you will get some help.



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Yes you can use the alcohol on the entire thing just make sure you have proper ventilation in the area.

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Patients. Right. Your the one with the patients.TUVM. 

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Thank you! You BYC folks are the greatest. Sanitizing, Calibrating, 21 days peep, peep.  ​

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