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Thought you were hittin' the hay?
Frawg Muse
Frawg Muse
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good morning frogs. It's Friday. Guess what? I have to go into work today
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Phil, I'm normally off on Fridays. Well no, that's not true I'm almost always a little off.
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So you got to go today...then
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yes sir.


no ice fishing for me today.

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Yeah a day without ice fishing IS like a day without sunshine....
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Don't work too hard near retirement age?
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I have 6 kids at home, with the youngest being just under 2.


I will never be able to retire......but, no, I'm about 20 years away

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Sorry Bert... kids are all grown and gone.
My oldest is 33 in April.
...I was too young to retire TOO.
My body wasn't though. youngest is 20. I miss having a 2 year old. When my daughter was 2 I was having my bone marrow transplant.
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