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Sick Hen

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We need help! One of our four year old hens is sick!


Symptoms are:


Not eating much at all

Not drinking much

Not laying

Huddles down like she's cold

Clear with a little white liquid poo

Skinny as a rail

Comb is pale and cool to the touch

Twitching her head occasionally

Scratching around her eyes and beak


We have isolated her for 5 days now and treated with Wazine, checked for mites, there is NO blood in stool, and she has no symptoms of an impacted egg. The rest of our flock shows no symptoms yet.


We do not have an avian vet in the area and our normal vet says he knows nothing about chickens. We would appreciate any assistance. Thanks!

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Welcome to BYC. Can you see anything in her eyes, or any eye drainage? With her age, not laying, and her weight loss, I would wonder about internal laying or egg yolk peritonitis. I would feed her some egg and tuna, along with her usual feed. Some vitamins and electrolytes in her water may also help. Ten days from the Wazine, I would probably reworm her with either Valbazen or Safeguare kiquid goat wormer, which will kill more worms than just round worm. Here is some info about internal laying:

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