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I don't know much about homing pigeons, but, congratulations on your new friend!!! My doors are always open, only my husband and dogs come back!!!
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ive never had anything to do with pigeons, but they are such beautiful such beautiful birds. im sure he has a message for me but i'm not sure of what it is as yet. my partner is away for two weeks maybe he just wants to keep me and my fur babies company what he's gone lol i almost dread the thought that he may leave as ive gotten rather close to him and we enjoy a cuddle. but he's not my bird.

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Have you fed him?? I have pigeons, feral, and, a banded unknown, that I put out seed for, they've been here 4+ months now... Or, are you new to your place, that might have been his home... Or, he just found you...
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ohhhh no! they are just beautiful birds. cheeky two as i have found out. i had a homing pigeon turn up 2 days ago and hasnt left. cheeky thing walked in through my front door, went to every room of the house and has decided to stay. i have picked it up and cuddled it of course, taken it outside to set it free and it just stays sitting in my hands. i am a little confused as i thought they always found their way home

Post a pix..    Luv to see it.       Does bird have a leg band???

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yes it has a tag. i took him outside again and he went, so maybe he/she just needed a rest for a few days, and free food, and good company of course lol. i will miss him!!

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ok im blown away right now! no word of a lie. as soon as i let my little friend go i walked around to the back of my house and there was a baby magpie sitting on the fence. my cat found it, she didn't grab it she just showed me where it was so i went over and it let me pick it up. it hoped on my shoulder and i took it inside as it is raining and going on dark. i didn't want my cat or any other cat to get it as it can't fly. Seriously it was only 5 minutes later after i let the pigeon go. wow! i think i am meant to have a bird

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Share that joy with us all.....  Post some pix if you can..    You must be the bird halfway house for sure,  

On the subject of the pigeon,,,   a possibility  is that he was deterred by a hawk.     It happened to me  5 or 6 years ago.  A stray pigeon flew into my garage.    There was a hawk present in my visibility..    I kept him thinking he would stay..     When he got a chance, he  flew away..  I am assuming he went home.  He did have leg rings.  

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well here's an update lol. i took the magpie outside up high this morning so his mum and dad would find him/her. pleased to announce they did and are looking after him just fine. as it was in the early hours i went back to bed, when i woke up, i opened my curtains and blow in hold there was my new found friend. the pigeon. i was just amazed on what was occuring over the last few days. the pigeon is now back inside in my study! i must say he's happy as larry in there too. i will post some pic's when i figure out how to post them ;-) What do make of it all?

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here he is. isn't he goregous

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Pigeon looks  GREAT..  :)



If you look at the leg band, usually it will have year on it.     Other information may be if it is from a  pigeon racing club.   It will give you an idea where he is from.    I DO NOT SUGGEST THAT YOU RETURN HIM TO OWNER.    Here is my reason why.     First, you do not know what kind of person the owner is.    Pigeon racing is something that fanciers   often bet large sums of money within their club between themselves.    What do you think the attitude of a racing fancier is when he/she  may have lost a bundle of cash???     Some 35 years ago  I knew,   a few  pigeon racing peeps.   After the races,  many evaluated their birds.  The losers were taken to the butch to be culled.    At least it was a humane way.    The butch would sell the pigeons  live , or dressed.   I purchased a number of pigeons that way.  ( live of course.)

So keep this pigeon since he made your home his.:)

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