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There was no police report because the officer who responded that this was a civil matter. I lost 1 bird and I have another bird who was injured. She is in my house right now and I hope I can mend her back to health. The dog did damage to my coop and put all my birds into shock.... I've had to buy wound care and medicine as well as pay a vet bill, and if my one girl doesn't get better she will be heading to the vets as well. I'm not sure where to go from here. I fear she won't pay. I've hand raised these girls. They are my babies... I'm heartbroken and very upset, and now extremely nervous this dog will come back. My husband also lost a day of pay to come home and help me care for my girls...
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Did you see my post regarding small claims court?  Save up your receipts and take photos of the injured bird, damaged coop etc...


If you really think she will not pay then I would call her and get her to admit on the phone that her dog was responsible. Record the call, NY appears to be a "one party state" meaning you should be able to use the phone recording in court.


Just call her up and be super nice, ask if she can help with the bills and get her to start "explaining" how she can't afford it right now. THAT will show she acknowledges her dog is responsible, if she goes to court and claims her dog had nothing to do with it you can prove she is lying. Obviously gather up any evidence before you send a demand letter.

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I did see your post! Sorry it's taken so long for me to reply, i found more bites on my hen that i have inside sp I've been working on that. I plan on writing a letter to the owners and giving copies of all damage done and sending it to them. If they don't comply i will contact the courts snd go from there.
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Do you have an animal control department in your city or county?  As opposed to the police, this is what they do, and are far more likely to respond in a meaningful way. 

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My initial call was to animal control ( turns out it's the same number to police station) and a police officer showed up. I did put an email into the head of animal control last night. Just waiting for a reply.
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