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Friday the 13th hatch

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I have 4 eggs due on friday the 13th, mom hen on nest. we will have a black out part days on the 11th, and 12,13th I have eggs in incubator due on the following week. I do have plans on keeping them warm though. I am just excited and want to blab. my 4 eggs are Amerauana/leghorn and EE. here is a pic of my incubator eggs.

they are frizzle/cochin mix, spotted ones are welsummer cochin, and the rest are RIR.

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I don't think they will hatch as chicks...    I FEAR YOU WILL GET A BATCH OF FREDDY KRUEGER  MINIATURES. :gig

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the 4 eggs due on Friday the 13 all hatched on Friday the 13th.





these eggs due today have all hatched but 4 ,and the4 eggs  have pips.

3 from incubator pic are not due until sat they are under a broody.



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