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Concern or no...

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My rooster and one hen have yellow feet and I have noticed some red coloring the last few days. Normal? We do live in Wisconsin so cold weather.
Also, yesterday and today my roo sounds really hoarse when he crows. Concerning or just lose his voice like we do sometimes?
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I would keep an eye on the roo (and the hens) to make sure he doesn't have a nasty cold or some other ailment coming on. Check for a snotty beak, heavy breathing or signs of just not feeling good.


As far as red feet, do you already have snow? Do they have straw to walk on?

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No snow but there is straw in the covered run. It had been cold at night, 28 last night.
No other signs of illness, eating and drinking great. Just crackle when he crows. Could he have just crowed a lot one day and be hoarse?
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I should add, the red in like a red/pink tinge like how your face gets red in cold weather. They also free range all day so they're out in the frost and such. I only notice it on the 2 with yellow feet as the others are gray/black feet.
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