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Winter Water Situation

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Hello All,



I have a nipple style watering system for my girls. It'a a 2gal bucket with tubing to a PVC pipe with 4 nipples. My plan is to buy a submersable heating coil for the bucket however, my concern is the water that is down the tubing and into the PVC pipe and freezing at that point with the nipples. Anyone have solutions to a similar waterer issue?

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Ya it will freeze
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Welcome!  I use galvanized waterers on the plate heaters for winter.  For a small group, heated dog bowls will work.  Small bantams, and roosters with large wattles, make the dog dish a poor choice, though.  If you are home and can take out water three times daily, the rubber dishes can be easily dumped and refilled.  I have a heated plastic waterer as backup, because it's a royal pain to refill.  Mary

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