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Do chickens ever get well? - Page 2

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Here is another link for state vets:

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This lists labs in the US that do testing and necropsies:

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Thank yall so much. And thank you Kathy.
I'm sorry but I should have been more clear in my first post. This is the first chicken I have had that GOT sick from unknown source. When I first got into chicken keeping, my over enthusiasm and inexperience caused me to twice purchase birds that were already sick. They then infected birds I already had. It was a nightmare. Eventually though, I isolated and culled enough to stop it. Everything was sanitized or destroyed with fire.
I've had really good thrive going on since then with my flock. I thought it was over sad.png
This particular bird this time was in the process of being integrated into my outdoor flock,(outside in daytime, back in indoor cage at nights) so I'm a bit worried
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