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"Egg Song Chickens"

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Hello All. I got 6 chickens last year: 3 RIR and 3 i don't remember what but they"re black and white.My family and I love them and they lay tons of eggs but one of my ******* neighbor has a problem with the "egg Laying Songs" they do every time they lay an egg. 

R there any good egg layer breed that don't care much about being so happy after laying an egg?

Any tricks I can use to curb all the singing from my current Mammas?

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Tell him too bad..
Neighbors have to learn with putting up with some noise geez..
Tell him you hear his lawn mower every time he mows his lawn. Ask him if there's a way he can keep his noise on his own property. . If he says no.. say I understand I can't keep my hens cackling noise confined to my property either.
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I bet if you'd pass a few eggs his way it may shut him up. I know you'd hate to do it because sounds like he's just being a jerk but it may change his mind.
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I guess if the pen is movable. Move it farther from him..

Also insulation in the coop will go along way in dead in noise
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