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My First Jap Quail Baby

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Had a bit of a surprise yesterday when I looked in the bator and this little fellow was out. Two more left in there, hope they hatch to smile.png
How long do they need to be under lights for?
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Congratulations!!  Hope the others hatch.


I'm no expert by from what I've read it's 2 weeks under lights 24hours a day and then only at night for another 2 weeks depending on general temp of course.  We have 11 day old chicks and it is warm here so I have just turned the heat lamp off.  Will turn it back on in a couple of hours when the temp starts to drop.  Can generally tell how much heat they are needing by behaviour.  Mine were all up the other end of the enclosure away from  the light so obviously warm enough.

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That is too general a brooding a temperature, it wont work in cold climates and unless youre using IR bulbs is just going to drive them batty not sleeping for four weeks.

Start them the first week at 95* F. Every week lower the temp by 5 degrees, for four weeks. The last week turn the light off in the warmest part of the day and dont turn it back on, unless you are keeping them outside in sub zero weather in which case youll need to gradually wean them off the loght so they devwlop sufficient down to protect from the cold.

Edit to add. For the night period at least you should always use ir heat so the birds can sleep.
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At the risk of seeming dumb what is IR heat?  Is it infrared?  We use a red infrared lamp and out babies seem to sleep just fine with that on.​

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Still waiting on the other two. Can occasionally see the eggs moving little movements so hopefully not to much longer.
My little quail is doing well smile.png
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Infrared. Red bulbs from the hardware store are not IR. IR bulbs can be bought at most reptile stores and it will specify on the package. Ceramic heat bulbs also work well.
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The bulb we are using was from the petstore and is for a reptile so must be the right one.  Has heat guide on box to give approx. temp according to how far away you position lamp.  Ceramic fitting etc.

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Grr still waiting on the last two sad.png
I put them in one a different day and forgot to write it down.
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Hope they hatch.  Waiting can be frustrating.​

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I hope so too. My lone chick seems to be doing well on his own thank god
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