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RIR odd sleeping behavior

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I have a RIR who used to lay before I got her and her two sisters. All stopped laying as soon as they got here. She still appears fat but now is sleeping and hard to wake. She will wake for a minute or two then pass out standing up or in any position. No signs of breathing issues or egg bound etc. poop normal. I've had three die of Mareks. None started with this presentation.
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My phone won't let me add pics so I came to the computer.  She was hard to rouse this morning when I opened the coop.  She has note eaten or drank yet today.  Any input would be welcomed and tried because I am tired of losing my babies.  I have a bantam cochin that is exhibiting similar behavior with excessive sleeping, the bantam brahma that came with her died of Mareks three weeks ago.  Neither show signs of molting ( something I have yet to experience).


I have a fayoumi with a broken leg as well.  Not sure how to treat it because he is hoping around fine.  I woul dhave thought Mareks but the birds that had mareks couldnt even use the leg and didnt try to walk....he is limping just really bad.


  I feel like an animal hospital.


4 jersey giant light sussex mixes with eye issues ( 4 weeks now)

4 baby aracaunas with respiratory issues ( several weeks now)

Super skinny RIRs  3 of them and 1 sleeping and lethargic all day

All the unhealthy babies are kept separate.


Only one laying hen was supposed to be a cuckoo maran and she is a barred rock.  the one that came with her was supposedly a girl and is a male LOL!  He doesnt crow though.  He is a cuckoo maran though.  I tell you I have the worst luck!




Sudden : 1 speckled sussex no signs ( suspect mareks?)

1 australorp previously laying got here and died within two weeks was withdrawn like this RIR ( suspected mareks but no paralysis)

1 bantam light bhrama mareks ( definitive split and paralysis slow death)

1 frizzle chicken fell prey to raccoon

2 baby RIR prey to raccoon

2 buff bhramas prey to raccoon

1 turkey fell prey ( sold the rest kept 1 royal white palm female.)



Ok so input?  What can I buy?  Kickn chicken? 


If I go to my backporch right now, last place I put her, guarantee she is asleep standing up.

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Sure enough....

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