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Tried to make a correction to reasonable and was not able. You all have a great day
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A grower, flock raiser, or all flock feed is what is recommended when you have birds of different ages or roosters. Roosters should not have access to layer feed. It has too much calcium in it that will eventually build up in their kidneys and cause them to fail. 

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Thank you
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I am in a learning process, where to post a certain question. I bought 3 chicks and two are roosters. We can not keep. I have posted ads at feed stores and on line. Trying to see if any one needs 2 young roosters. One is white I believe has brama has the feathered feet. The other is a Rhode Island red. About 4 months old. I do not want them eaten, or placed in fighting. Anyone with ant ideas please. We have one hen. And they already are picking on her she is a americana. I know by reading that is the start of matting.I am a animal lover and I would love to keep them all but I am unable to.We live in Hawthorne, Fl
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Well I finally found a great home for my roosters. This lady was looking for a Rhode Island red rooster. And she adopts out certain animals, so I know my other rooster will have a great home. I see her Web sight. She is great. Then we found and buying a another white hen for our hen for company. So every thing worked out great. I fell in love with my Rhode Island red. He us so friendly. But I know I cannot keep him.And he may change.Well at least I know they will be taken care of.
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Good Morning Every one Well I.heard the red rooster try to crow this morning He is the only one that has done that. So I have to change his name from Molly to Ohmally Lol I have gotten really attached to him. I will try to keep him.I will keep you updated. Have a great day
Just wanted to say good for you on giving them water and doing a rescue of bad conditions. I see this a lot at feed stores ran by kids during the day. And it breaks my heart I can't stand animal neglect. I would you they feel if you left them in a hot cage with no water and said sorry we were busy. If they can't take care of them properly don't sell them. Or hire someone to check them through out the day as part of there job description. That's why I go buy my feed now and try not to ever look at the chicks. My instinct is always get these baby's out of here. And I end up bringing home too many chicks. And most feed stores buy straight runs witch are mostly cockerels. They say there not sexed but it always seems you get more Roos then pullets. So they buy them cheap and sell them for twice to three times the price.
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Good Morning I bought 2 brown bramas yesterday, they said was sexed. They are 8 days old. Beside the color is there any difference between the different colors of bramas? And I noticed the larger chick has short wings, coukd that mean it could be a rooster?I raised 2 roosters and had to find them a good home, broke my heart I was really attached. I do not want to go through that again. Any suggestions or input would be very appreciated.
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Where on earth did get sexed Partridge Brahma chick? It's not a variety that most hatcheries have. And vent sexing can be very difficult.

As they feather in, males should get solid black feathers on the chest.

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Ace hardware
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Thank you. I was told they have used this hatchery for a long time. And had no problems
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