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Do guineas leave when the others are picking on them?

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We got 6 keets in mid June, I believe 4 males and 2 females, they are our first fowls of any kind. We raised them in a brooder, moved them to a nursery and then into a fly pen with a coop. We trained them to come home at dusk to a whistle so they could be put up in the fly pen for the night, but they never went far. They always seemed to run one of the females off a bit when we'd give them thier treats, but it seemed to get worse the past few days and she was further away than usual, but she and they seemed distraught when she wasn't with them. When I came home this afternoon, she was gone. The others were just milling around as usual and not upset as before. Is it possible that she would have just left? I'm very upset about this so please take it easy on me. Thank you.
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    I can't see any of them running off on purpose. If she was too far away from the others it's possible she was grabbed by a dog or other predator. Or she may be in the top of a tree. She may be hiding somewhere if she was picked on too much by the others. I have found some of mine wedged behind bales of hay or caught in fences and they couldn't get out by themselves. I would do a thorough search for her because she wouldn't have left willingly by herself.

I do hope you find her. There is almost always an outcast in a flock of guineas. I don't know why. They get chased away from the flock but never very far away. Good luck.

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Thank you, we have searched for her, but maybe should do another search.  I thought maybe she could have gotten locked up in the neighbor's shed, but we didn't find her.  There are some dogs from a few streets that get out a lot and they may have gotten her.  What do you do about that kind of situation?  They know their dogs are out and harrassing all of the neighborhood livestock, but they won't do a thing about it.  Thank you for your kindness, I've been very upset with this whole thing, I didn't realize how attached you can get to them. 

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    It's very easy to get attached to your birds and I'm sorry you are having to go thru this. One of my male guineas disappeared over a year ago. We searched for days and his mate was constantly calling for him. We finally concluded that a fox or coyote had carried him off. No evidence was ever found of him. It always leaves you wondering what really happened. And it's very upsetting.


   I don't know how the laws are in your area as far as dogs bothering livestock.  But out here it's legal to shoot any dog  that is threatening your animals. Nobody likes to shoot another person's dog but the fact that they are irresponsible pet owners doesn't mean you should have to lose your animals to their dogs.


    Guineas can get stuck in some pretty tight places if they are trying to get away from an aggressive flock mate or predator. It's not likely that your hen has laid eggs and gone broody on them since your guineas are so young. That would be the only possible reason that she has willingly disappeared by herself. I'm still hoping that you find her. :idunno

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