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I had a very sad event happen when i was away .. and left the house and animals in the care of a house sitter .... two very large Bull Arab roaming dog broke into my hen house and killed  my drake and main breeder female and also her 8 baby ducklings ..  and a hen,  also they mauled one of the females wings  and ran off the younger drake ...  the drake found its way back home and the females wing healed ... that left me with 1 very young drake and 3 females (1 older hen and 2 from his brood) .. he turned nasty on the hen that was mauled  attacking her and trying to mate (unsuccessfully) with her ... i then noticed that she was not feeding with them staying  right away from them she would not come out to graze .. and she is sleeping in with the hens and not with the other ducks ...  i got her last night and put her into a whole seperate cage with 4 - 6 week old ducklings  i notice she is really dirty all over  not cleaning or preening at all .. she is eating ...  i tried to get her all wet and see if she would clean .. but she didn't .. just sat in the  sun to dry ... any suggestions as to what may be wrong .. or solutions for me please ...


thanking u