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Filled my incubator!

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Earlier this week I purchased a still air LG with turner and am giving it a go. smile.png I set it up in the pantry where it stays a little more stable then the rest of the house, is isolated from the cats, and easy for me to check on.

I have about two dozen silkie eggs, half dozen light brahmas, and around a half dozen mutt eggs as filler. They were set the morning of the 11th, it's going to be so hard to wait and not mess with them until they are far enough to candle!
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Good luck with your eggs, I hope you have a great hatch fl.gif

Ah the dreaded waiting pop.gif Drives me insane too barnie.gif
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Hope you have a fantastic hatch! YES it is so hard to wait! Please update this thread when the eggs hatch! (by the way have you read this article on still air incubators???? ---Come join us! 

~Below Paradise Poultry~


Reply ---Come join us! 

~Below Paradise Poultry~


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Thanks for the link! I've been going through the Little Giant Incubator Tricks thread, but will check out that one next! Hehe, I'm sure my hubby doesn't wish for the same degree of success. XD
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Another fellow Wisconsin-ite :frow


I've been debating about filling my bator as well. My BLRWs just started laying last week and I've been hoarding the eggs, waiting to see if I have enough to make it worth starting it up. I have 13 so far, hoping to get to 20 before Monday, we'll see about their fertility anyway.


My husband is going to kill me! LMAO

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On Wisconsin! Did you get enough eggs, Blue Smoke?

I know it's only five ish days in, but I went and candled some of the silkie eggs that are white (my buffs lay white-tinted, the other eggs I bought from a lady with whites and they are a dark creme) to see air cells and I could see development! Well, the ones along the back wall. I was reading that people generally rotate the eggs around in still airs to avoid cold spots, but I wanted to get a gauge for the temperature fluctuations, so I put mutt eggs and older silkie eggs along the side farthest from the heating element as sacrifice to find out.

It was really interesting to see that eggs in a turner develop differently then if a hen was sitting on them! Embryos topwise Vs sidewise.
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YES actually, I have gotten 27 as of today, well, yesterday now... I was going to start them, but then was told to hold off because I can fit 34 in with the right arrangement in my Brinsea Eco 20, so I'm holding out a few more days. Most I could squeeze in there last year was 27, so we'll see. It's not like the Hovabator where I know there are only 42 spots open on the turner, it's squeeze whatever you can in.

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How goes it for you, Blue Smoke?

About half of my silkie eggs are dead or clear. Not really surprised though, some of the eggs I was using weren't the freshest, but I figured why not. I can't really see into the other eggs yet since they are all brown shelled.
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So I pulled a bunch of the clear and definitely dead eggs today. While my results are biased (I gave priority to the silkie eggs from a local breeder), it looks as if the side farthest from the heating element (right in pic) just doesn't get warm enough, as those two rows were either clear or dead (spaces closest to turner engine had development, which as I understand, throws off a bit of heat). I did leave a bunch of the brown eggs and a few silkie eggs that I wasn't 100% about, will probably candle again in a few days. I want to mess with them way more then that, but am resisting! XD

I have been pretty impressed with how consistent of a temperate it's held! The closet it has been in has remained stable, which I'm sure helps, but I was expecting to have to futz with a persnickity knob, not having realized that these days there was a digital model.

I think that I'm going to buy a pc fan and convert it to a forced air next go around.
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Ooooooh, just a few more days and then I can start to expect the silkies to start hatching!

Last time I candled I was at about 50% live eggs out of the initial 46 (I'm going to candle and pull out dudes again tonight before lock down). Considering this is my first go around with the incubator, and the heavy losses in the two cold rows, I don't feel all too bad! Now if only all of those will hatch. :p
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