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Alright, so two more hatches later, and I can tell you what the issue was: the turner wasnt turning. I did buy the other model, and as soon as I got it hooked up, it was clear that the turners do not move as subtle as I had thought, and the first one (despite being brand new) never actually turned anything.

New turner worked, great, but when it came time to hatch again I only got 20% hatched. Okay, figured this was a case of needing to figure out the new incubator, set again. Never really paid attention to my turner, because why would I? The dang arm/plastic attachment SLIPPED OFF and I didn't notice until lock down on my second hatch in it! D:

Here is where I tried something new.

I'd been trying to hatch up right because I'd read that was okay/easier to keep a consistent heat. But this time around I set the eggs on their side (forced air, had a nice even heat distribution), and was surprised by lots of little cheapers! Haveing read that unturned chicks tend to stick to the inside of the shell, I am theorizing that by putting them on their side it helped them not have to fight against gravity so much.

So far, I have gotten 11 of 33 lock down eggs to hatch on their own, with another 4 that aren't making progress and I will end up helping tomorrow (hatching started on Thursday so they are definitely behind). UNFORTUNATELY my % is skewed this time around... New bator, the edges don't fit together as well as my first one and I left the lid partly off for <36 hours around day16... 90F when I realized it... I candled and opened dudes today, found that everything not directly under the heading element died, and was likely not alive for lock down. Otherwise there was 4ish things completely developed but failed to hatch.

TL; DR, if you have a turner malfunction/didn't plug it in, put the eggs on their side for hatching.