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I now know how to balance a diet for my Kit, unfortunately the vets convinced my mom to prevent me from doing this... I guess being a kid made them think I'm doing something reckless. I'll feed her the next best thing: high quality "typical" foods. They gave me a kitten kibble with fillers in it!!!

Anyways, I found out she's a bit over a month old(half of what I expected, the owner of the litter told me she was 8 weeks) which is good and bad news. Bad news is that she left momma too early^~^ Good news is that I have a lot more time to train her than I expected! She didn't like the visit at all and spend the rest of the day sleeping and cleaning herself. They had a gorgeous lovebug for adoption, but my mom isn't into the idea of 2 kittens. Thanks for all the info guys, I'll remember it for when I have my own pets:D

As for biting, she just does it while I'm doing my homework, minding my own business... proof that she didn't get enough social time. I'll try the spray bottle since ignoring her doesn't spell "STOP" clearly enough lol