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sick silkie chick .. advice plz

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Hi. She has watery poop (both liquid and very clear) as well as an upper respiratory infection (sneezing and a bit ofa wheeze when I hold her to my ear) treatments?
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Hi, i would suggest giving vitamin supplements / electrolytes in the flock's drinking water - it helps to boost their immune system and thus fight off the respiratory issue. Unless the problem appears to worsen drastically, i would personally do no more and let her fight off the infection. 


On the issue of poop - have you recently de-wormed your flock? If not, then you may wish to consider doing so. I should say that i am not an expert on diagnosing this kind of problem, but its worth dosing the flock so at least you can rule that out - might be an idea to check on all other poop to see if you can see any worms. 


Good luck and i hope that someone with some expertise may be able to give you a more comprehensive diagnosis. 



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