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HELP PLEASE- Wry neck?

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This little one is roughly 6 weeks old. Its head is always turned to one side and with often tuck its head between its legs and walk backwards. After some reading, Im sure its wry neck and I have started it on Vit E and Selenium.

Im in Australia and cant find the children's vitamin drops Poly Vi Sol that others have been using :( 

I am on day 2 of treatment. I slice 2x 250mg Vit E capsules and 1/2 1x 150mg Selenium capsule, mix it with scrambled egg and a little water. I do this twice a day. Is this TO MUCH SELENIUM??? I have read that it can be toxic in high doses but nothing states how much to actually give so Im confused and concerned :(

Should I be giving anything else? Should I remove it from the brooder with 6 other chicks?? I do have another heat light and smaller brooder, just dont want it to be lonely. What it be better by itself to rest and heal quicker??

Please help me, any advice or information is greatly appreciated 

Thank you


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In the link on crook neck chickens from, they recommend a 400 international units vitamin E capsule twice a day for the first week, then once a day for the second week. Selenium 25 mg daily is what they recommend, and eggs contain selenium also. I would leave the chick with the others for companionship, unless it is being bullied or trampled.

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Thank you for your help. I will cut back a bit on the selenium. Also thank you for the info about the article, I will read that now.

I have placed it in the smaller brooder by itself at them moment, it seems to be drinking and eating more than before in the larger brooder with the others. I think it may have been getting trampled a little when in the sleep/nest box. The brooders are next to each other so they can hear each other, they all go outside into what I call the playpen area of a day time together, just not today as it has been a little wet here. 

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