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I'll awnser your questions!

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Hey guys, me again and I wish someone would have done this a long time ago for me. I have been raising chickens since I was 8, I',ow and ever since I was 8 I have been constantly researching chickens s so if you have question chances are I can awnser it. And some unsolvable mysteries, and I will research it all I can, do experiments, and all I can to get back to you.

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One of my chickens just died. It seemed like she was egg bound because she was not moving/walking abd had a lump in her stomach. So we put her in warm water for about 30 mins then put her in a towel. While she was in a towel she spasms and yellow liquid came out of her back side and mouth, it smelled terrible. She died right after that. What would cause this?
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If she was pale and kinda waddled she was probably Egg bound, try a better food with more nutrition and make sure she has watter at all times so it don't happen again. The puke was probably with the predeath spasm. That is what I think happened after I rescherched it.
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I have 27 chickens total, seven of which I got from a Tractor Supply store when they were chicks. Those original 7 are now 7 1/2 months old. One of those whom I call No Neck will not get up and move around, she doesn't even sit like a normal chicken. Instead of sitting with the legs underneath her, she sits on her actual behind with her legs sticking out. I tried to soak her in warm water last night in case she was possibly egg bound, then put her back outside. I checked this morning and nothing has changed. She is awake and alert, just will not move. They have excess to water and food at all times, but she refuses to come out of the coop for either one. If I put water directly in front of her she will drink it, however that's the only way she will. Any ideas? I'm starting to worry.:(


This was noticed yesterday when my SO left them out.

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If she has her tail under her and hunched back she might be Egg bound so try the warm water some more. If she looks normal make sure her poop is usual. Has she laid an egg yet? If she hasn't Egg bound is a possibility. If she doesn't poop give her a little molasses.
Definitely make sure to put apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp to a gallon. Some times chickens are born with genetic defectscto that is probably it.
VERY gently feel her chest to see if she's gg bound, check her vent, see if you can dislodge it. Whatever you do don't break the gg inside of her. It is like said probably a birth defect but keep forcing her to eat and drink all you can and see if she out grows it. Hope that helped!
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Put the apple cider vinegar in her water, sorry I'm trying to type on a tablet.
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Should I keep a very docile rooster, or a semi-aggressive rooster? My planis5to make chicks. I prefer mild temperment if possible. My worry is that the mild mannered too won't mount dominate hens.
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I will try it again, i have never had an issue until now and she has been laying everyday for about a month and a half now. she doesnt have her tail underneath her and like i said she wont go to the food and water herself but if i pick her up and put her right in front of it she will eat and drink well. I have one main waterer...


it wont bother the other chickens if i put it in there will it?


on another note i havent seen her physically poop, but i did check her behind and it isnt blocking anything from coming out either. I was feeling her chest eailer and i dont feel anything hard, she just feels a little bloated..however i havent been able to get ahold of one of the others like her to see if thats just how they feel. its not rock hard, but not real squishy either. not really sure exactly how they should feel. im a new chicken owner.

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natash92 like I said, try the molasses and the apple cider vinegar, it wont probably wont work because I think it is a birth defect. It depends on how connected you are. If you can't part with it, you will have to have a feed and water pan right beside it always. If you have money running out your ears then you might consider taking it to a chicken vet, (I don't know if that's an actual thing.) And see what it is or if its a chick that was born with a bone that isn't right.

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As for you McBrown7513, if you have a docile rooster he should mount, but maybe not the aggressive hens all the time. Maybe if you have a rooster in between docile and aggressive, and make sure you play with the chicks a lot. Remember a docile hen breed with a docile rooster, the chicks won't always be docile. Especially if you don't tame them down. It doesn't really matter a whole lot as long as you tame the chicks really good. Basically, just make sure you tame the chicks.

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