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Brahma with an injured toe...

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Today I went outside to check on our small flock of four chickens. Everything seemed fine until I noticed a large pool of blood on the table that we keep in the pen. Lucille, our light brahma hen always loves to sit on top of it, so I immediately realized something must have happened to her. She didn't seem to be limping at all, but her foot was very bloody! I immediately rushed her in and washed the foot with warm water and aloe Vera soap. I put a dab of peroxide on the area and some safe antibiotic ointment. After rinsing off the foot, it looked as if one of her toe feathers had been ripped out completely. How, I have no idea. Is there any thing else I should do? I've isolated her from the others and I have wrapped up the toe in gauze. Also, it looks as if there's an exposed "quick" (like in dogs's nails for example). It's hanging out of the hole where the feather was. Should I just leave it alone? Thanks so much for the help. Any advice and thoughts are appreciated!smile.png
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A toe feather was ripped out? If it is just a feather I wouldn't be all that concerned but of course you have to stop/cover any bleeding.


I would put vet wrap over the gauze (to waterproof it) so she can walk around outside.  If she is walking around just fine I would let her remain with the flock doing her thing as she will be happier that way.


Change the bandage in a couple of days and check for infection, if it looks dry and is healing perhaps some blu kote on the wound would be sufficient.

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I was very surprised that the toe did bleed that much:/ after all, it was just a feather. But anyways, thanks! I've put some wrap over the foot and I'll look into blu kote.
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I've had Brahma's with the same issues with feathers on the legs and feet.  

I had a rooster that seemed to constantly do this, and I currently have a couple of hens that have never had an issue.

It always seems to be worse during a molt.  I do the same as you have done.  Clean it up, stop the bleeding, a bit of neosporin or vetericyn.  I've occasionally had to pull a broken shaft out to get the bleeding to stop.  I wrap in gauze and vet wrap for a day or two, and that's usually enough. 

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Great! Thanks! I just wonder how it happened. There was a lot of blood, but the bleeding has luckily stopped now.
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