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We just recently began hatching and had 2 successful chicks hatch out of 12 eggs. On our second hatch, we did not watch the humidity level and it got down to 47% after 2 chicks pipped. 2 survived, 1 did not. Out of the 2 surviving, 1 was able to hatch on its own and had a little bit of the shell attached to him, but thanks to your website and forums, we were able to safely remove the shells and the chick is doing fine. He is missing some feathers on his back, but I'm assuming more feathers will grow?? The second chick needed some help hatching. Again thanks to your amazing forums and info, i was able to help get the shell off and help peel back part of the membrane as no blood was present. I put steamy hot water in the bator and put him back in (humidity got up to 79%) and he was able to get himself out of the shell the rest of the way himself. I kept him in the bator for 24hrs, checking on him frequently but not opening the bator. He was moving, but using only one leg. I took him out this am and put him in the brooder, gave him some water and he pretty much just lays there. When he does try to move, he only uses 1 leg. Is there anything I can do for him? I had to put him in a bucket with a washcloth as the other chick was picking on him. I Would appreciate any suggestions..thank you
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Can you try to stand him up so you can see what is wrong with the other leg? Does it bend in? Is the foot curled etc?


Some types of foot/leg deformities can be fixed in young chicks. Some types are caused by a vitamin deficiency too.


Posting pix would help, even if you have to help him stand to get a good pic.

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