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Respiratory sickness

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Have a rooster started out as a sneeze now is a chest infection of some sort no nasal discharge. eating drinking and mating normally have treated with duramycin for 4 days no change or very little all other birds still fine looking for some suggestions or no big deal maybe.
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It might be good to get him tested since respiratory diseases can be viral, mycoplasmal, or bacterial. The viral diseases won't respond to antibiotics, but the AB's can help to prevent secondary diseases. Secondary diseases such as air sacculitis, can complicate any disease. What symptoms besides sneezing are you seeing? Tylan 50 injectable is a bit stronger, and it can be given orally as well as by injection. If it is a virus, it will have to run it's course. Many respiratory diseases make carriers of your flock for life, so knowing what it is helps.

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Vitamin supplements / electrolytes will also help give his immune systems a boost.



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Here is a good reference for common diseases including the respiratory diseases with symptoms to compare:

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This morning my rooster was able to crow again without his lungs gurgling still sneezing supposed to warm up and stay dry for at least the next week if I notice any slip back I will try the injectable tylan
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