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Girls never layed!!!!

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Hello everyone I have a leghorn a Delaware and a black Australop and the leghorn is the only one laying well she was the girls are all happy the have food and fresh water but I bought them from our pet store as "laying hens" but so far not so much the leghorn is about 2 and the other two are 1 years that is any ideas will help us.
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Age, pictures? I got 5 pullets from a friend 3 were 4-6 months and 2 younger of the 3 only 1 is laying right now she is also the only one with a red comb like the 6th older hen we have. The other 2 have pale Pinker combs and ate taking their time.

My understanding of "laying hens" can be of laying age not that they have layer or are fully ready to lay
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How long have you had them?

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The leg horn is 2 years and the other two are about 1 year old.
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I had them for about three weeks now
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So I can't tell in the second picture, her comb looks red enough. And I don't know chickens well enough to say who is who. But the dark one her comb is to pale. Looks much like the comb on my black here

Basicly it means she isn't laying yet. You could look for some information about other signs to look for but I would say the dark colored hen is not ready to lay yet, the other maybe close give her time
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Originally Posted by Dmann7123 View Post

I had them for about three weeks now
oh and also I have had 1 girl for 5 weeks and the other 5 for only 3 weeks. Though we strated getting eggs from the first right away, with the stress of the move it took then next hen 2 weeks before she stared. I still have 2 more im waiting on but both have pale combs though are of laying age. Give it time that's what I'm doing
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I would give it a little more time. They may be stressed out. Hopefully once they are used to their new home they will start laying for you!

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Thanks you!
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