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Help me pls!!

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i have a hen that was hit by a car last week, the person who hit her didn't stop he was also speeding but anyways when they went by her i seen her fly up in the air after she had landed she was trying to get back into the yard, she managed to get under the building  i noticed she had a bad limp on her left leg, i got her out from under the building and put her in a private coop by her self she can stand and lay and walks alil but limps i noticed some of her feathers gone on the left side of her thigh, i have been watching her very closely for the past week she doesn't eat much but does drink water if the bowl is set high enough, she seems to have a problem bending her head down so i checked her neck this morning and noticed a huge air sac bubble under her neck, idk what to do can someone pls help ty so much and God Bless. 

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its been a week since my hen got hit by a car, she is drinking but i cant get her to eat, if anyone knows what i can do please reply asap

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Sorry about your hen. Is the air sac bubble under her neck separate from her crop? A leaking air sac under the skin can be deflated with an 18 gauge needle if it is causing problems--otherwise I would leave it alone. You might try feeding her some chopped egg and flaked tuna, and putting some electrolytes into her water. Her feed can be moistened with water also to coax her to eat. Just realize that she make have some internal injuries that may it difficult for her to eat. You might try placing her in a sling (see below) to get her up, but place her food and water nearby. Good luck.


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New update i have noticed that my hen is blind, i took her out this morning and noticed she seemed nervous around the other hens and being she is the dominant Hen she seemed kind of scared when the hens would walk up to her she would stand really still with her feathers ruffled then i noticed she was trying to get back into her lot but couldn't find the way in even though the door was opened, i have also noticed that she has like a lime colored diarrhea that was mattered up in her feathers, i took her inside and cleaned her good i haven't seem any cuts or marks on her at all, i have also noticed that shes constanly moving her mouth like shes tasting something.i hate seeing her like this if anyone knows of what i can do pls help

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That is sad that she seems blind. The beak movements blindness could be something neurological, related to her injuries. Is she eating better? She may need to be placed in a pen with a docile chicken friend for company while she recuperates. The food and water should be placed near so that she can find them.

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