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Sussex Hen Lice & Purple Comb

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Hello wonderful people I am here looking for help!

Two weeks ago I noticed my he had a dirty vent, which at first I assumed was mites. But now believe it to be a case of lice. I immediately started giving her and the rest of my small flock Dusting Powder with 5% carbaryl.

Two weeks later the other five hens and one rooster still seem fine. But the hen continues to be fighting the lice. And yesterday I noticed her comb appeared very dark in purple. And she seems very tired and doesn't move much. She is still eatting and drinking (pretty sure no eggs).

Today we've moved her away from the flock into our warmed shop with water.

I would love to see her return back to health. But am worried I may end up losing her. What should I do?

Is she suffering from respiratory illness and lice? What should I give her?
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I am sad to report that last night we lost our poor hen. My darling husband brought her into the house last night to keep warm, as she was very cold to the touch. Nevertheless, she wasn't able to pull through.

We never did truest find out what was ailing her. Though I do believe it was respiratory issues.
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I'm sorry to hear about your loss :hugs


I saw your thread last night, but I do not have the experience to advise on what the problem could have been. If I understand correctly a purple comb can be caused by low oxygen, so you may be right about respiratory issues.

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