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Chick with hurt foot....

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I posted this earlier in the injury section and only got one response.



We have chicks that were hatched about 2 weeks ago that we bought from someone else. Marans and Ameraucanas. They have the same hatch date we were told. The smallest one was not acting right. Just laying in the same spot when the others were all over doing what they do. When I would get near the chick would not even move. So we picked it up to take a look and see if something was wrong and it had one of its legs drawn up to its body. So we got to looking at that leg and foot and we realized that it is now missing a toe. We did not see or hear anything and had been with them most of the day. They were all in their brooder. None of the bigger chicks can get to them. I do not know if it got caught on something, or if one of the other chicks may have done it, or if maybe something else? And I do not know what to do to help the baby chick? I have removed it from the others and have made it a makeshift home in a Rubbermaid tote and it is now in the house with us. It has not attempted to move around any at all. If you have any advice or thoughts as to what may have happened please leave me a comment? Thanks for any and all help



and the response I got was


If the leg is not damaged and bleeding has stopped I would do nothing. Chicks heal quickly and adapt. Check for infection and keep separate from the others until the chick is walking. Putting one chick with the one that is hurt may be beneficial.





There was no blood or even dry blood that I saw. The chick is not eating or drinking. This has been hours now. I tried doing what was suggested by putting another chick with and it pecked at the foot, so did the next and the next. So I left chick alone because I am scared they will hurt it even more. I am just getting very concerned for this chick. I tried to take some pics of its foot. They are  posted above. Any help is so appreciated please. I don't mean to bother anyone with the fact that I am reposting this as I know people do not like that I just thought if I moved it over here maybe more people would see it. Thanks

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The fact that the chick is not moving or eating or drinking does not bode well for the outcome. Is this chick being kept warm? Have you tried to put food and water under it beak? If it doesn't have the vigor to drink or eat when you make it easy for it, then it's possible this chick is not going to survive.


We don't know enough information to give you any advice on how to treat this chick. The photo is next to worthless. It's impossible to see if the foot is simply deformed or injured.


This is what I'd do if it were my chick. Offer it some vitamins, Poultry Nutridrench is superior for a case such as this. Offer food moistened in warm water. If the chick doesn't noticeable take a turn for the better by tomorrow morning, I would euthanize it.


If the chick improves with warmth and food and water and nutrients, then we can address the foot issue with, hopefully, better photos and more information.

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Yes the chick is warm. I have tried offering food and water I was able to get the chick a drop or so of water today no food tho. I will try vitamins right away. I know the picture isn't a good one. Its the best I can get out of bout 20 trys. It is some sort of injury I believe, as the chick had a normal foot prior to yesterday, and is now missing a toe and the rest of the foot is just drawed up. Thank you so much for your suggestion I will be trying it hopefully I can help the chick survive.

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If you're sure it's an injury, you need to put antibacterial ointment on it after cleaning the foot well. Infection is a danger.


I believe your chick may be in pain. Foot injuries are painful and it's obvious when a chicken refuses to put weight on an injured foot, they are in some degree of pain.


There's a potent "herbal" pain reliever I use that's also an anti-inflammatory. But I don't think it's available and legal in your state. Try to treat the foot as best you can and perhaps the chick will rally by tomorrow. They can surprise you.

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