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Sick chicken...Need Help!

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Hi there...this is my first time posting on here. I have been reading others posts but never posted myself.


Here's my situation. I have a 20 wk old Speckled Sussex that I think is very sick. I got home from church yesterday and found her in the nesting box. I got excited thinking she was laying her first egg so I left her alone. I went out a couple hours later and she was still in there with her eyes closed straining her neck. I though maybe she was egg bound so I checked her rear only to find diarrhea caked all over her tail end and drooping out. I cleaned her up, gave her some nutri-drench and put her in a dog kennel on my back porch with a heat lamp. She drank a little but I don't think she's eaten. Before yesterday she was free ranging with the others and seemed fine. She is now sitting with her eyes closed, stretching her neck out and making a rasping noise when breathing.

I had one leghorn die a few weeks ago and I'm guessing it is from the same thing. I didn't look too much into it at the time and didn't notice it was sick because it was still a new bird to my flock. I raised the 8 speckled Sussex's from a week old and last month I got 4 leghorns from a guy in town. I was dumb and did not separate them from my others and I'm not sure if they brought something into my flock.

Here is the sick one:




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Welcome to BYC. She very well may have picked up something from the new chickens. You are doing the right things to isolate her and keep her warm. Put some vitamins and electrolytes into her water, and offer her bits of scrambled or boiled egg, along with her feed. She may just be starting to lay, and acting odd, or she could be getting a respiratory disease such as infectious bronchitis, MG, coryza, and ILT. Those are the common ones that can cause many different symptoms. If you see any bubbly eyes, nasal drainage, sneeezing, or swelling around an eye, Tylan or oxytetracycline are some of the antibiotics that can be used. Here is a good article about those and other diseases with symptoms:

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I gave her some yogurt and crumble up boiled egg before I left. She ate a little of it which I guess is a good sign. I'm going to stop by the feed store after work because I think she needs antibiotics. I just hope she's still alive when I get home. I hated having to leave her.

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