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Chicken Eye Injury?

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Yesterday, my year old Americauna appeared to have had her eye severely pecked.  It was all purple and dried over and she couldn't see out of it.  I checked on the forums and did was they said.  I quarantined her, washed the eye with saline and put neosporin on it and gave her a broad spectrum antibiotic.  As soon as I washed the blood away, she seemed to be able to see out of it, although, I couldn't really see the eye.  I checked on her a couple times overnight and her eye appeared to be bubbling.  This morning it actually looks better in some ways but way worse in others.  She's more alert and eating and drinking normally.  Here's are some pictures.  What do I do next?  Thanks so much for your help.  I'm new to all of this. 






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Sorry about your hen. I would get some Vetericyn eye wash or eye gel and treat the eye. Have you seen this sort of bullying before from your flock? Hopefully her vision will be normal after she heals. If any drainage or pus appears, clean it off before using the eye gel or ointment.

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Thank-you.  Well, I bit the bullet and took her to the vet.  It turns out that it's a case of Avian Pox.  She might lose the eye, but I'm going to do everything I can to save it.  I have to put hot compresses on it, keep her on antibiotics, keep her warm and put the antibiotic eye ointment on it.  Ugh!  But at least she'll live.  

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I'm glad that you got her to the vet. Fowl pox is pretty common in areas where mosquitoes are present. Now that I look at the pictures again, that is exactly what it looks like. Good luck in treating her eye. Here is some reading about pox:

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Thank-you.  To make matters worse, one of my dogs killed one of my chickens this morning.  I don't have a big flock, so the losses are really taking on a toll on the others.  So I let my sick chicken outside next to the chicken pen to get a bit of sunshine.  She and the only remaining chicken from the original 4 that I got stood right next to each other next to the fence.  The good news about the sick one is that I've really been applying the hot saline compresses, and I was able to get the slit open where her eye should be.  It's still so swollen that I can't see the eye but I put the antibiotic ointment in there and noticed that within an hour much of the swelling had gone down.  

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