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My First Chicks

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Hi big_smile.png are the chicks supposed to sleep a lot at first? I just put them in the brooder this morning. Its 94 in there, is that temp okay?
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Did they come in the mail?  That's pretty stressful, and they will need to rest.  Are they awake, eating, and drinking?  If yes, see how they are tomorrow.  Mary

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No they didn't come in the mail. They hatched yesterday afternoon in my incubator. They are trying to eat and are drinking
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Hatching is hard work.  They don't need to eat or drink for the first couple of days - they are still being nourished by the remnants of the yolk sac.  That's why hatcheries can ship them on hatch day and they (mostly) survive 3 days in the mail.  If they aren't any livelier by tomorrow you can try giving them either some Nutri-drench (highly recommended) or a little sugar water.  Keep us posted, please.

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They are starting to look a little happier, will keep you posted. Thanks for the advice smile.png
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