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So I definitely want to adopt a dog this spring/summer, but am trying to figure out if it would be best to adopt a dog from a no kill shelter, that has been sitting for a year or more, and make room for them to bring a new dog in, or would it be better to adopt from a high kill shelter and save a dog that's on death row? What do you think?
Also, how many dogs is too many dogs? Lol
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I think puppies are easier to train.. personally I'd start out with 1.. they become depended on you wich makes it easier to train them..
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Okay.. I already have 2 dogs. I would like to rescue one also. I can handle the training.
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Well that's noce.. bit ya can't save them all
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I don't want too. I mean I do, but I'm only planning on one.
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If you want my opinion. . Just love the 2 ya have... don't get another. . I know a animal lover that had 9 dogs.. and really as much as she loves them.. there not taken care of right..
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