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Adele's Happy Hens new coop

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Okay.....took me several months & used wood scraps and left over wood from other projects.....but am finally finished. Thanks to all the BYCers for all the design inspiration. It's my first building project and felt I did a pretty good job as an amateur.....did have to recruit my hubby for some help but did most of it myself. It was one of those "things" he just didn't have time for and Im too impatient to wait for help.

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Gonna post pics?
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Hey Rod-t.....took me a minute to figure out how to post....but I should see them now.
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Looks great.. I like it..great job
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I like the coop. .nice job. I started to build mine by myself but my husband took over. But it's ok I really just wanted to paint it and design it. I like the screen door.
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