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Emergency - Mites and New Chicks

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My hen has her first chick (today) and we noticed mites.  Tiny tiny I think red ones.  No blood when you crush them though.  What do I do?  I don't want to harm the new chick and the ones to hatch this week but I know these bugs cannot be good for her or them!!!  HELP!!!


I noticed them because they were on me after refreshing the water and food knowing babies were coming.  Now I see them at the top of the feathers.  Almost like they are gravitating to the heat lamp.  Should I put olive oil on the top of her feathers?

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I now have two chicks!!  The bugs are on them too....... 

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Congratulations on your new babies!
Is the chick still with the hen or did you move it to a brooder? If they are with the hen, then may I ask why the heat lamp?
I would not put olive oil on. Dust the chick LIGHTLY - with poultry dust - a dab under each wing and under the vent. You may need to clean out your brooder/nesting box and replace with clean bedding with a bit of poultry dust sprinkled in. Your broody hen needs to be treated as well.

Pictures of the new babies, your hen and brooder would be great. Love new babies.


Here's a link to help you i.d. the mites:

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Hi Wyrop, 


Thank you for responding.  The babes are still with the mom.  I am new to this and thought they (mom and babes) would need the additional heat as it is getting cold in KS.  Although tonight we are at 60 with a nasty wind.  Normally by now we are in the 30s.  So should I turn off the lamp?


Here is my hen and her two babes so far!!!  I feel so proud!  Just need to get bug issue under control! 


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If you open the pic you can see the bugs on her feathers.  They are the little white spots but when on my skin they have a little color to them.  

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Awe...this is so sweet.
Generally if they are in a draft free area like a coop or in a nesting box, your broody should supply more than enough warmth for the little ones. If she is in a coop or separate area, you want want to give her a tub of dirt with a scant amount of poultry dust, DE or ash mixed in so she can take a dust bath-this will help give her a bit of relief. The little ones will most likely join in (mine were dust bathing at 5 days old). Since the mites/bugs are visible you still need to treat them.
Hope they all do well!



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How are your babies doing?

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