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Missing chicken

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 She is a plinth rock and her and her sister Misty where always exploring. And rocky and misty could get in and out of there pen with ease. Till about 3 days ago Rocky hasten come home. I cant find any singes that something attacked her. I spent an hour looking for blood, feathers or a body. But i couldn't find anything. I even looked in some fox holes but i couldn't find anything. Plus the crows would always chase away any hocks in the area. So i have know clue what happen to my baby Rocky:idunno. Is there a predator that sounds like it could leave no trace? Or is there a possibility that she got lost in the woods? And if there is a predator what can i do to stop it from getting any more of my chickens. My mom said the chances are slim but i just want to know what might have happen to her.:( 

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Sorry to hear your loss of Rocky..   When you  mention fox in your area, that almost is your answer.      A fox can indeed catch  a chicken and carry it away far enough that you do not see any trace of feathers or remains.   A raccoon  usually will not go that far with his catch and start to eat it ..   Feathers and remains can be seen then.     

The other option  that Rocky  may have taken is , she is sitting on a clutch of eggs in a hidden nest somewhere out of your sight.   After a couple of days they return to coop area to get some food.    I hope this is the case  for your Rocky. 

WISHING YOU BEST.. :thumbsup

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