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Poorly hen

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Hi, This last week 1 of my ex battrery hens has been very lethargic, her comb and wattles have gone pale, she isnt drinking, eating or laying properly and generally looks unhappy, she spent the night in the house last night where its warmer and she perked up a little but still the same, cant feel that she is egg bound, wormed vacc and mite upto date! Please help xx
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Sorry to hear  that..     Consider the reality....  Battery hens are past their prime when you get them...   These choice egg production hens  are not known to have long life spans..  The heavy duty egg production just burns them out..   I think your hen may be leaving due to natural callings.   Just provide  her with all the comfort you can..  YOU WILL FEEL BETTER AND SO WILL YOUR HEN.   I always break down when I loose one of my pets.   It is just a SAD REALITY. 


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Thankyou for your reply, i was fearing someone was going to tell me that but was hoping that there was a miracle cure 😢 she is much happier inside so will keep her in until the dreaded day.
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When you have room, take in some more of the retired hens, and make their GOLDEN YEARS  as pleasant as you are doing now.  I don't have access  to  battery hens  where I live, and also the  limits on number I can house.  I was able to adopt 2 banties  this summer from a very nice person here on BYC also.   Pix below. 


  But  I have taken in stray dogs, and those cats in my avatar???   They are feral cats that have been FIXED :gig ..   They actually have never been broken, but you get the picture.   I do feed them and they just wont go away.  ( of course they got their shots at the vet )


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Ahh maybe i will, never really thought of making it their happy end of life, just thought of giving them a fresh start 😊 thankyou very much, just made the whole process feel alot less sad and more thankful that shes had a nice life in the end xx
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