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Two Small Coops or One Large Coop?

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Hi!  I'm really struggling on this topic.  I currently have 3 - three year old RIR and 4 - 2 month old Americauna's.  


The RIR's are in a 4x4 coop.  The Americauna's are still on my back porch in the brooder, but I am ready (SO READY) to get them outside in a coop and off my porch.  


My original plan, was to keep them separated until they were all the same size and then have them coop together in a larger 6x8 coop and use the small coop I have for additional flocks or sick birds as the farm changes.  But, the delimma came up when I started getting prices to have this large coop built.  


I could just go buy another coop, identical to the one we have, and keep the RIR and Americauna's separated, but sharing a 20x10 run.  OR I could get the larger coop and house them separately, until they are the same size and then merge them all together, when the time is right.


So, are there benefits to having two small coops versus one large coop?  No matter what, the two sets of birds will not house together until older.  They will share a run regardless.  Thoughts?!? 

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One  larger coop would be a preference  for most peeps here.    Less work and maintenance.     The other thing that is bound to happen is ,, the chickens will all be going into  a desired coop anyways..    ( you said they will share same run ) .   How will you teach;;;;;;   You live here, and you live there.. to chickens.    Of course, you can do it by physically placing them each evening into their designated coop..    THAT SOUNDS LIKE ADDITIONAL WORK TO ME, AND POSSIBLY ONGOING.  

One possible solution  since you are concerned about laying out a bundle of cash, that you are questioning is this option.  Get an identical coop and just join it to the coop you already have.   Take out  the walls to make one larger coop.     Initially install a  wire screen separation  inside  coop so that chickens will get accustomed  to each other.    In time, remove and you have ONE HAPPY CHICKEN FAMILY..   Post some pix of your coop you have now..   A picture is worth a 1000 words.   Others here may have other  GREAT IDEAS.. 


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So, this is basically what we have now, but the first day we got it -- LOL!  Notice the grass in run :)   We have the kennels now wrapped in hardwire (not pictured) and roofed and sided with large stepping stones to eliminate digging, because we have major predator (bobcat and coyote) problems.  We are adding another kennel to the side of this one and connecting them, so the chickens can interact and see each other until they are the same size and can run together.   Each kennel is 10x10, so they will have 10x20 minus coop size.  We free range our chickens daily.  

I do not plan on catching them each night and putting them in their respective home each night -they do that on their own and we lock up afterwards.  If all 8 of them cram in one, so be it :)  

The coop pictured was $375 at our local feed store.  We don't have time to build one ourselves.  The larger one I was building was going to be amazing (IMO).  6x8x5ft tall with human door and sand boxes under perches for easy cleaning.  Feed/waterer from outside, skid for easy moving with atv, 4 nest boxes (only because i feel like 6 is the dumbest rule ever -- all my chickens always use ONE!) , linoleom flooring (we have slide out now in small coop).  But, the quote is $1,600 - $2k :(  I'm just not sure I love my chickens THAT much.... So, looking for opinions on what YOU would do ? 

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It looks like you should have no trouble putting 2 of these together like a duplex condo unit.   You would have one  that would be unique to your neighborhood.   You can use them separately until you are ready to make your move.   

It is good to have well protected run as yours.   You do have serious predators. 

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It's so pretty, isn't it?  LOL!  It looks like a chicken JAIL!  

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If we hooked two of these together in the opening on the side (has a chicken wire door), how would we access inside of coop?  I'm not the brightest on the construction side of things...

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Well, you might have to modify things a bit.     Maybe you can convince  someone you know like family or friend for some help.    Just remember, WHERE THERE'S A WILL THERE'S A WAY. 

You solved  the first step..   You know what you want  or need.   The solution will come one step at a time. :)

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