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Chicken predators

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I am a believer in free-range chicken management.  Due to predators I have had to adjust that vision.


After finding nothing but feathers littered on the ground in a 4' radius I restricted their habitat.  To protect from hawks I created a 40' X 26' pen that included my compost pile and the hen house.   A wooden frame was built that rests on the existing fence.  I covered the entire structure with chicken wire. 


Yesterday, feathers were littering the ground.  All that was left was her comb and cheeks.  My girls were only out during the sunlight hours and I cannot figure out how the varmint got in.  Around the perimeter I buried wire 1' into the ground and place RR ties next to the wire.  It is heart-breaking to raise 12 chickens and loose 4.  The girls are not only egg-providers but beloved pets.


I am considering getting an outdoor dog to guard the flock.  I can't stand to see the girls locked in a pen all day.  It seems counter to their nature and cruel.  But, I don't want to loose one more chicken.


Any ideas?



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You could try getting a protective rooster (large is good because a raptor will easily kill a small roo. But realize that not all large roosters are good guards, my big EE males are wimps!!). I have heard of roosters attacking and sometimes crippling or killing raptors (birds of prey). Not sure what breed of dog would be best.

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Thanks Bigwig.  We are zoned for chickens but no roos.   I think I solved the problem of the hawk with the wire but still have a predator.  Glad you roo protects the girls.  

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A dog might add more of a problem honestly. I suppose your in a neighborhood? So your predators are kinda limited. Could it have been a raccon or weasle or fox maybe?
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We live by a creek, in a small town of 400, in northern CA.   I suspect it was a fox but am not certain.  It puts a whole new meaning to Ronald Dahl's book Fantastic Mr. Fox!  


I heard of a chicken farmer who raises a breed of dog to protect his flock.  -Thought it might be something to consider.


Thanks for the shout out.  


Have a blessed day.

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You can train a dog to guard live stock its just whether said dog will actually do the job you wanted them to do or not some might and others wont. You have a blessed day as well.
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